iSupport Creative Business will present two unique international exchange performances taking place on Friday 28 June at Alliance Française in Durban.  The concert will feature a first encounter between multi-instrumentalist Cândido Salomão Zango, also known as “Matchume” from Mozambique and pianist Sibusiso Mash Mashiloane from Durban who is currently spending a week in the Nzango Artist Residency in Maputo where they are composing new works.  Second on the bill will be Dutch pianist Mike del Ferro who will feature Durban based vocalist Mbuso Khoza.

For del Ferro and Khoza it is not the first time they will meet, they have had several encounters on stages in both The Netherlands and South Africa.  Del Ferro is in the country to present a new-album of the African Heritage Choir in which he also features.  Nevertheless, they also have made time to present an acoustic experience. The duo manages to combine elements of the revered canons Western Music interspersed with the audacity of jazz improvisation, while paying tribute to the ancient structures of South African traditional music with the authentic vocals of Khoza.

Mike del Ferro. Picture by Govert Driessen

Bringing together pianist Sibusiso Mash Mashiloane and multi-instrumentalist Matchume Zango, not only means bringing together two talented musicians but also academics in their own right.  Interestingly, both artists are characterized by the importance of cultural experiences in their musical compositions; Mashiloane by working on an authentic South African Jazz influenced sound and Matchume by recreating traditional Chopi music from Mozambique in a more contemporary and accessible way.  The project aims to be a catalyst to build bridges between the two cities Maputo and Durban and related cultures, that will also encourage future collaboration beyond this project.

“I am looking forward to exchange ideas, improvise, explore new musical horizons and to create musical vibrations on stage with Mash”, Matchume said.  “It is always a great experience for me to exchange ideas with other musicians.  Even more so when it is someone from another African country.  Working with Matchume will teach me about new musical influences and at the same time I will learn more about my own musical identity”, Mashiloane said.

Mbuso Khoza. Picture by Sbonga Gatsheni

The Matchume-Mashiloane project, titled Ponte Maputo – Durban, is supported by the British Council through its Developing Inclusive Creative Economics program (DICE), in partnership with Hivos, Electric South and Enthuse Africa.  Ponte Maputo – Durban was one of 10 hubs to receive the connect.hubs Collaboration grant, in Southern Africa  – providing small grants for short term collaborative projects and mobility grants between hugs.  The core of the DICE programme through connect.hubs is to support social and creative hubs as drivers and supporters of entrepreneurship for social change and creative impact.

Developing Inclusive and Creative Economics (DICE) Programme supports the growth of creative and social enterprises at systematic, institutional levels as a means of addressing entrenched social problems and supporting youth employment, gender equality and greater opportunities for people with disabilities and members of marginalized communities.  South Africa is one of five emerging economics that were targeted for the rollout of the programme – including Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, and Pakistan.