Italian guitarist Fabrizio Savino has put the tragedy brought by Covid to his country and others in the world behind him through the release of his fourth album “The Rising Sun”.  The pandemic taught him that every moment in life must be thoroughly enjoyed and lived to the fullest.  He is grateful that the virus did not affect people he cares about.  Through the album, he wishes that people can find an inner peace in order to rise again from this dark period with strength and sunshine, a rebirth in a nutshell.

This album which was released through Inner Urge Music, his individual record label features fellow compatriot bassist Luca Alemanno and German drummer Sebastian Merk.  Fabrizio’s modern jazz has an element of rock which is influenced by Frank Zappa and Jimi Hendrix.  The trio only rehearsed all eleven tracks of the album one afternoon and recorded them in a day and a half.  Songs from the album were composed over a period of one year, two standards and nine original compositions.

Fabrizio Savino

Two weeks after its release, the album which is available on all streaming and download platforms had over 80 000 plays on Spotify, rewarding Fabrizio for his style of bringing rock sounds through a deep contemporary jazz language.  The song “Wisdom” is about a wise man meditating in the midst of a storm.  It’s about an ability to be steadfast in change, able to observe various aspects of life, thoughts and changes and be able to be not overwhelmed by them but to be with them.

“Her fears” tells of the most hidden fears most people have.  Most people have unconscious fears that influence choices they make it life.  “Her fears” is an exhortation to know and accept them so that they become the starting point in peoples’ lives.  “The Winter Will Become Spring” is from a Buddhist concept where winter symbolizes suffering while spring symbolizes blossoming in strength and love. He was very struck by the expressive power in that sentence.  Clearly the tragedy he witnessed in 2020 has made him look at life from a different perspective.

Fabrizio Savino – The Rising Sun

“So Close And Yet So Far” is a song written by Akiram (stage name of Marika Mastrandrea), a young and talented pianist and graphic designer.  The song addresses the issue common to many human beings especially during the early days of Covid, its proximity and remoteness.  The composer through the song emphasizes that people often seem to be distant when they are physically closer to us.  This results from misunderstandings, arguments, jealousies, dissatisfactions and fears.  Unlike humans, animals do not feel a grudge and have a different memory and are more instinctive.

Fabrizio has visited South Africa twice which includes his performance at the Unisa Jazz Festival had to cancel tours to the USA and South Africa because of the outbreak of Covid.  The restrictions forced him to postpone the release of “The Rising Sun” and projects of his record label Inner Urge Records.  He changed his plans to focus on organizing online courses on booking, home recording, mixing and mastering, and workshops about guitar and the world of improvisation.  He hopes to make his third visit to South Africa when there are good measures in place to control the pandemic.

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