Jazz, Soul and World-music aficionados are set to be in for a treat this Heritage Month as some of SA’s seasoned musicians will take the stage at The Wave Theatre, 44 on Long Street in Cape Town on Friday 29 September.  Presented by Background Events – and in partnership with The Weave Theatre, National Arts Council, the Department of Sports Arts & Culture as well as the Presidential Employment Stimulus Programme – the 2023 edition of the Four Seasons Music Concert, themed “Cape Town influenced musicians” will be an intimate musical showcase about the influence of music in Cape Town as South Africa observes Heritage Month, as well as Cape Town having an influence on musicians’ journeys.

Vocalist Nomfundo Xaluva

Legendary saxophonist, flautist and composer, McCoy Mrubata and acclaimed bassist, songwriter and producer, Victor Masondo – both renowned for their passion for grooming talent and community upliftment in the music industry – will pay homage to fallen greats such as the late Langa Jazz legends, The Ngcukana Brothers (Duke, Ezra & Cyril); musical genius Victor “Bra Vic” Ntoni; as well as tenor saxophone maestro, the legendary Winston Mankunku Ngozi.

Saxophonist McCoy Mrubata

This intimate setting will also include multi-award-winning jazz vocalist and composer, Nomfundo Xaluva together with Bokani Dyer (a multi-award-winning Motswana-South African pianist, composer and producer) – who are current carriers of the Jazz baton and will reference some of other seasoned musicians who have inspired their journeys namely Cape Town greats like Paul Hanmer, Jonathan Butler and Abdullah Ibrahim, who have tasted international success and are still carrying the flame with their local and international footprints.

Bassist Victor Masondo

Hlubi Twiin from Blackground Events (organizers of the concert) is looking forward to a concert that will be filled by aficionados.  “We’re thrilled about this year’s edition of the Four Seasons Music Concert because music has always been an important cultural and social factor for decades”, he said.  Not only have they invited super-talented musicians currently carving their legacy on both local and international scenes who are “Cape Town influenced musicians”, but the city is also known for institutions like the University of Cape Town and its contribution towards the arts but not only that, the history of Cape Town and identity of its people.

Tickets to the limited seating are available via Four Seasons Music Concert – The Wave (catchthewave.co.za) and the concert will start from 19h00 till 22h00.   For more information, please contact liezel@catchthewave.co.za or alternatively, follow these social media platforms for more updates: Facebook – Blackground Events and Instagram – @blackgroundevents_rsa