Vuyo Giba narrates iconic Jazz stories through the lens

She has captured these images for more than a decade

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Vuyo Giba narrates iconic Jazz stories through the lens

Welcome Note

Welcome to Jazz It Out.

Jazz is a lifestyle. Jazz is a universal language. Jazz is a feeling. Jazz is a medicine. Jazz is a therapy. Jazz is a life time project. Strangers become friends through listening to jazz. Jazz breaks down cultural barriers. Jazz is a lot of improvisation. Jazz is a lot of experimenting. When jazz enthusiasts gather at a club, session or festival, they show and express love and appreciation for the music and treat one another with utmost respect.

From the warm vibe of South Africa comes Jazz It Out. We are passionate about jazz. We strongly believe that jazz is still very much alive and relevant. We will narrate stories about jazz musicians, what makes them to choose jazz as a music genre and what they think the future has in store for jazz. We will also profile other individuals who are contributing immensely in making sure that jazz remains the noble sound many jazz heads still identify with.

Let us embark on this musical journey together. Please interact with us as a blog through comments and in our social media platforms. We would love and appreciate to hear from you.

Yours sincerely.

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Jazz It Out

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